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Tutorials, reviews, articles and templates for Microsoft PowerPoint and other presentation software.

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Split-Flap TV for Paper Planes: Conversation with Kurt Dupont

December 5, 2023

Split-Flap TV for Paper Planes: Conversation with Kurt Dupont

Kurt Dupont is a solution provider who would go out of his way just to ensure he brings out the best when it comes to issues that have to deal with data-driven presentations, data visualization, and digital signage software. He started by working at airports worldwide to set up airport databases and flight information screens. This evolved to become the basis for PresentationPoint. In this conversation, Kurt discusses Split-Flap TV, being used for Paper Planes, an apparel and lifestyle store.

Read the conversation here .

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英国极速赛车开奖一分钟+1分钟极速赛车开奖官网开奖记录 Concept Slides: PowerPoint Organic Shapes with Brush Edges

Concept Slides: PowerPoint Organic Shapes with Brush Edges

You get 8 shape types plus lines as part of this Organic Shapes collection. Each of these 8 shape types have 10 variants. So you end up with 80 hand-drawn shape options! Again each of these 80 shapes have 12 brush stroke styles! Plus you get the lines and arrows in 12 brush stroke styles too. Combine all variations to end up with more than 3000 possibilities.

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AKVIS Inspire AI 2: Photoshop Plug-in Review

October 9, 2023

AKVIS Inspire AI 2: Photoshop Plug-in Review

AKVIS is a software company known for creating various graphic and image processing tools, often using AI and advanced algorithms. They have developed several applications for tasks like photo retouching, artistic effects, and image editing. Their new version 2 of Inspire AI ups the ante and uses neural networks to stylize images using various samples of painting. The program copies the color scheme and style of an art sample to a photo, creating a new artwork.

Explore AKVIS Inspire AI 2, a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that combines a picture with an effect from another picture .




New Stories

Mark Your Accent

December 1, 2023

Mark Your Accent

The inexorable march of globalization in business has created a vast landscape of diverse workforces of diverse origins, all working together but speaking in a Babel of tongues. In their desire to communicate effectively, transplanted workers seek to learn the language of their adopted homes in classes and books, from computers, and online programs. These expatriates also seek to speak their newly acquired language more clearly, which has created a surge in a veteran niche industry called “Accent Reduction.”

Learn more with Jerry Weissman .

PowerPoint and Presenting News: November 21, 2023

November 21, 2023

PowerPoint and Presenting News: November 21, 2023

Jerry Weissman talks about the legendary Broadway composer and lyricist, Stephen Sondheim, and his books, that contain advice that is applicable to presentations: how audiences process what they hear. Matt Krause, a communications consultant discusses communications and presentations. Kurt Dupont of PresentationPoint discusses Split-Flap TV, a new venture that creates split and flap styled digital boards. Phillip Khan-Panni of Toastmasters International looks at the story to make you and your business stand out.

We also bring you quotes, press releases, and templates from the last few days.

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Better Communications, Effective Presentations: Conversation with Matt Krause

November 15, 2023

Better Communications, Effective Presentations: Conversation with Matt Krause

Matt Krause is a Californian who now lives in Turkey. He runs the international communications consultancy Recipient Labs and spends his free time reading, cooking, and walking distances that should probably be driven. In Turkey, for example, he walked from one end to the other end of that one and wrote a book about it. In this conversation, Matt talks about communications and presentations.

Read the conversation here .

The Story to Make You and Your Business Stand Out 一分钟极速赛车168官方开奖结果记录

November 13, 2023

The Story to Make You and Your Business Stand Out

A very high proportion of business presentations fail because they tell the wrong story. They talk about what they do, not about the benefit they offer. We all need to know what makes us interesting; it is our Added Value. If you don’t know your own Added Value, you will probably say the wrong things about yourself or about your business. Sadly, most Elevator Speeches fail for the very same reason.

Read more with Phillip Khan-Panni of Toastmasters International .

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