President's Message

Dear AWL Members and New Comers,

I am so delighted and honored to be AWL President for the 2021-2022 calendar year and can’t wait to share with you all the joys of Kuwait.

The American Women’s League in Kuwait (AWL) has provided an excellent opportunity for expat women to meet in fellowship, share ideas and interests and participate in social and cultural activities since 1963. Our diverse membership is a wonderful blend of Americans and Nationals from all over the world.

AWL actively contributes to the local community by utilizing our member skills to promote awareness for various women’s issues. AWL also has several committees to keep you as active and involved as you wish. Whether your interest is in social outings with our Coffee Morning Club, participating in cooking lessons with some of Kuwait’s top chefs, enjoying the latest must-read sensation in the Book Club, or volunteering to help out local causes our ladies continue to cultivate long lasting friendships, have fun and give back to the local community. Whether you are new to Kuwait or have been residing here for some time, I welcome you to join this beautifully diverse group of ladies, The American Women’s League in Kuwait.


Pamela Khraibut

President 2021-2022

American Women's League in Kuwait

Executive Board

2021-2022 Executive Board Members

President, Pamela Khraibut


My name is Pamela Khraibut. I grew up in Upstate New York and have been living in Kuwait for over eight years. I am a proud Wife and Mother as well as experienced Engineer. My favorite pastimes are spending time with my wonderful husband, playing with my children, running in the park, taking walks along the beach, genealogy research, and finding fun activities in Kuwait. Since joining AWL In 2013, I have served on the AWL Board for six years and look forward to serving again this year!

1st Vice President, Cathy Dupree

My name is Cathy Dupree. I'm from Chicago, IL, however I was raised by my Grandparents in Independence, LA. I have been in Kuwait for over 15 years focusing on managing and developing business relationships in the Middle East. I am the President & CEO of Savvy Global Solutions, LLC. I enjoy singing, reading and studying biblical history. And look forward to serving on the AWL board and working with all the AWL Members.

2nd Vice President, Reem El Chayati


Hi, I'm Reem El Chayati and I was born and raised in Lebanon. I am a teacher in a local Kuwait school with over 15 years of experience. And I enjoy spending time with my family. I am happy to be part of AWL and serving on the AWL Board.

Recruitment Coordinator, Barb Easley


Hello! My name is Barbara Easley. I am a semi-retired Consultant/Educator. Currently, I have a small start-up, woman owned, military only reseller business here in Kuwait and my fun side gig, is as an early years educator. I love helping others, especially ambitious, motivated women striving for excellence. I was born and raised in Southern California, but relocated to rural Montana, and have loved the past 25 years that I have spent in the mountains. We call it Gods Country and I feel truly blessed. 15 years ago, I met a wonderful man and started a new life with my fabulous family here in Kuwait. I have enjoyed working in finance, insurance, advertising and in the alternative energy fields. I support our troops, both my military family and my non-military one. I love my country and feel honored to be an American woman. I enjoy cooking, making hats, raising my own flocks and organic gardening. Recently, I took up making masks, in light of covid. I look forward to serving the American Women's League of Kuwait, as Treasurer and Member Coordinator, with dedication and integrity. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like more information about how I can support you in your life in Kuwait.

Public Relations & Marketing, Eman AlSharif


I enjoy art and love to paint, but I have always had an interest in wellness. I have a B.S. in Biology, and MBA, and a diploma in interior design. Despite these varied degrees, I still felt that I was missing something. My growing interest in health & wellness led me to join IIN, creating a total shift in my life. The IIN program was an investment that gave me complete satisfaction. IIN helped me to become that best version of myself, and I truly feel blessed to be able to use what I have learned through the program in order to help inspire and guide others through finding their own ways of healing.

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