Monthly Member Social - October 14, 2017


On October 14, 2017, AWL held its monthly member social at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Spa.  It was an event dedicated to our members to discuss new discounts from DHL and Emirates, AWL bylaw housekeeping, Zombie Apocalypse presentation by Molly Jung, and committee kickoffs. There are several new committee to include lady's night and travel that are sure to be great additions for our members. 

Membership Drive - September 30, 2017


On September 30, 2017, AWL held its Membership Drive at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Spa. What a wonderful social meeting to kickoff the 2017-2018 AWL calendar. Our members were buzzing about the upcoming events, committee involvement, and tons of excitement for the year!

Mother's Day Brunch - May 13, 2017


On May 13, 2017, AWL held its Mother's Day Brunch at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Spa. The event was dedicated to all mothers, honored guests, and members. It was an opportunity to thank all our wonderful sponsors for their support during the 2016-2017 events. A special thank you to all our members and committees for their hard work. And farewell to our board members and welcome to our new board members. 

Kuwait National Day - February 18, 2017


On February 18, 2017, AWL held its monthly Member’s Social at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Spa. The morning was dedicated to Kuwait's National and Liberation Day. The meeting room was set up in traditional diwaniya style with an image of the Emir and the Kuwait flag flanking the stage. Members gathered for coffee in their lovely caftans. Our dear member, Aziza Khan, shared a personal and moving story of her family's experience during the invasion and liberation of Kuwait. Aziza reminded us that although perilous times may come, acts of kindness from others and having faith are blessings that help us get through difficult times. 

Thanksgiving Dinner - November 17, 2016


On November 17, 2016, AWL held its Thanksgiving Dinner Event at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Spa. The event was dedicated to our guests of honor, enjoying fellowship, and eating lots of Turkey.