Get Involved in Our Committees!

To create a more intimate fellowship and supportive groups, AWL offers a diverse number of committees to join according to AWL members interests. Please take the time to review our committee general guidelines and description of each group.

AWL is always open to listen to their members and create other committees of interest, simply contact us with your suggestions at:

General Guidelines:

Committees shall adhere to the League’s written guidelines for AWL sponsored functions. The Chairwomen of the Committees shall be appointed by the Committee Members. The Chairwoman of any Committee shall appoint an assistant. In the absence of the Chairwoman, the assistant should attend any necessary Board meetings and be responsible for committee activities.

Each Chairwoman shall be responsible for the maintenance of an updated file on her committee’s activities and for a written report on current work, to be submitted at the last General Board meeting. If the Chairwoman resigns before completion of her term in office, her report is due upon her resignation.

These committees are ONLY for AWL members. An AWL member can sponsor one guest only one time for any committee activities. Every guest is responsible for any expenses incurred in the activities she is participating.

Join the committee (s) of your preference! Life is better when you share your interest and passions with other like minded women!

You can join as many committees as you want!

Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee shall extend hospitality to prospective members. They shall solicit and contact those eligible for membership, invite them to meetings and give assistance whenever possible. The Committee may also arrange an Welcome Coffee, volunteer to assist with transportation, etc.

Book Club

The Book Club is for our avid readers. The Book Club Chair shall determine the method best suited to select materials for the group. She shall arrange meeting dates, and announce the meetings via social media and the AWL Newsletter.

Coffee Mornings

Coffee Mornings are a great way to socialize with other AWL members. The Coffee Mornings Chair shall set a schedule of coffee mornings, open to all members. The Chair will arrange a location for the meet-up, and announce the meetups via social media and the AWL newsletters. Everyone attending the Coffee Mornings is responsible for her own costs incurred.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Community Outreach is our way to give back to the local community. The Community Outreach chair shall work closely with the Executive Board to identify and determine organizations and individuals in Kuwait which may benefit from AWL’s efforts in the areas of Social Responsibility. She shall coordinate the Outreach Committee in providing information and assistance to the membership in this regard.

Gourmet Club

Gourmet Club

The Gourmet Club is a great way to experience local restaurants and socialize with other AWL ladies. The Gourmet Club chair shall set the schedule for the cooking demonstrations and activities. She shall announce activities via social media and the AWL Newsletter. In an effort to retain the highest standard of events, we kindly request that once you have RSVP’d to a Gourmet Club scheduled event, you commit to pay even in the unlikely event you are unable to attend. Dire emergencies may be handled at the Chair’s discretion, however repeated non-payment will risk eligibility to enroll in further Gourmet Club events.

Healthy Me, Healthier Life Committee

Healthier Life

Healthy Me, Healthier Life Committee promotes fitness as one of the most beneficial ways to reach our full potential. This committee supports a healthy weight, positive attitude and overall better health to boost self confidence, team work, energy and decrease stress. The chair woman will coordinate types of diets, exercises, and other activities; members of this group will share information, tips and discuss where and frequency of meetings to support each other for a healthier me, healthier life; if any cost is incurred in their activities, each member is responsible for her own expense.

Lady's Night

Lady’s Night is a new committee that we are excited to promote this year. The Lady’s Night chair shall set a schedule of evening activities. She shall announce the meet-up via social media and the AWL Newsletter. These are lady only, adult only outings and activities for members to relax and meet in friendship and fun.

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee shall be responsible for the periodic publication and distribution of the League’s Newsletter. The newsletter shall contain notices of monthly and special meetings, membership updates, and other pertinent information for the member’s benefit.

Travel Club

Travel Club is a group of women who share the common passion to travel and explore the world, and the local and regional tourist attractions. Traveling together creates a special bond, develops attitude and sensibility to the cultures of the world. Chairwoman and members of this group will share suggestions of places to visit, itineraries, tips and cost of each journey using social media outlets. Each member of this committee will be responsible to pay for her own travel expenses. The amount of travel will be decided by the committee members.

Volunteer Committee

Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Committee is invaluable as we have many AWL events and activities that need additional skills and talents. The Volunteer Committee chair shall work closely with the Executive Board to assist in events and activities as needed (ex. Finding an ‘Easter Bunny’, packing event goody-bags, checking off sign in sheets, serving AWL booth, etc.).