President's Message


The American Women’s League in Kuwait (AWL), has served as a platform for expat women to meet in fellowship, share ideas and interests and participate in social and cultural activities for over fifty years. AWL contributes actively to the local community by mobilizing member skills to promote awareness for various women’s issues, animals and the environment.

With over 150 members and growing, the AWL is home to many internal committees and interest groups. Whether their interest lies in social outings with our Coffee Morning Club, participating in cooking lessons with some of Kuwait’s top chefs led by the Gourmet Club, or enjoying the latest must-read sensation in the Book Club (to name a few), our ladies have found an arena to cultivate long lasting friendships, have fun and give back to the local community in which they live.

Whether you are new to Kuwait or have been residing here for some time, I warmly welcome you to join a beautifully diverse group of ladies, The American Women’s League in Kuwait.

Warm Regards,

Nadya Mayahi

President 2017-2018

American Women's League in Kuwait

Executive Board

2017-2018 Executive Board Members

1st Vice President, Molly Jung


Molly Jung is a professional globetrotter, mom, and wife. This hardworking and fun loving former teacher has taught schools, tutoring and adult education centers, a zoo, a puppetry museum, a church preschool, and a parent-and-child music program. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Molly moved to Kuwait with her family two years ago ad joined the AWL. This will be her second year serving on the board of the AWL. She enjoys being an inadvertent pet rescuer, cooking home-made meals, and getting into mischief with her glue gun and glitter.

2nd Vice President, Marlene Aristy-Hasawi


Marlene Aristy-Hasawi has been in Kuwait for 9 years, married to Kuwaiti national. Marlene studied hospitality management at New York University. She worked in the music industry, where she worked her way from receptionist, promotions to Executive Assistant where she works with people organizing events and making sure everything was done on time and correctly. She is passionate about life, experiencing different culture, family and friends. She excited about this year in AWL where she is ready to give her all.

Corresponding Secretary, Tessy Cabrera


Tessy is enthusiastic with high energy and the "Yes I can do" attitude into everything she does. She moved with her husband and little Maltese to Kuwait a year ago and immediately started to look for opportunities to volunteer and be part of her new community. She joined AWL and has been an active member in the coffee morning, community outreach, lean in and book club committees. She is thrilled to be the new corresponding secretary and work with fellow AWL members to make our association the place where women feel engaged, connected and empower. Traveling the world for leisure or business has enriched and empowered her to communicate and build trusted relationships with people from different cultural backgrounds and countries. She is an experience professional in the travel & hospitality industry with a MS in Tourism Marketing. Tessy is Peruvian-American and besides her native Spanish, she speaks English, French, Portuguese and Italian. She is also a Zumba Instructor, member of the Zumba International Network (ZIN).

Recording Secretary, Denitza Cross


Denitza Cross is an Archaeologist, specialist in gold jewelry dated to ancient Rome and Thracians era. Denitza was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, a beautiful East European small country famous with wonderful landscape, friendly people and great food. After finishing First Private Law and Management School of Sofia she pursued her studying of becoming an Archeologist, something which was her dream. The four years in University, the amount of learning in the school premises, her work during summer archaeological excavations had open her senses to become a globetrotter, again another dream of hers. This when Emirates Airline came along, Denitza had the gold chance to be accepted to work and represent one of the best airlines in the world. Her career in the airline was rewarding one, she has been in every continent, and she has met amazing people from different backgrounds, saw art pieces in museums and witnessed breathtaking views all over the world, which she admits has changed her forever. Then her husband came along, proud US NAVY military guy, the two love birds had followed in love and the rest…is a history. Now, Denitza is a loving mom of a beautiful daughter, a wife and has a great passion of photography, blogging and keeping her family active and healthy.

Treasurer, Pamela Khraibut


Pamela is a force to be reckoned with as a proud Wife and Mother. She has a love for life and is a hopeful optimist. She moved to Kuwait five years ago and immediately joined AWL to get involved and enjoy new friendships within the league. Pamela is a chemical engineer with masters in Business Administration. Her current profession is the most challenging and rewarding as a proud housewife. She is looking forward to a great year supporting the American Women’s League keeping the budget and record keeping in order.